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Initial Breastfeeding Consultation

Your breastfeeding journey is your own and unique to you and your baby.  Whether you are at the outset of the early days with your newborn or you’ve sailed to rocky waters, I am here to help.  


We will review your history, what has led you to where you are now and we will work together to find the path forward that fits who you and your baby are best aimed at meeting your goals.

photo of a parent feeding their infant

Have you been struggling and still told “The latch looks great!”, feeling brushed off because your baby is meeting or exceeding their growth milestones?  Many lactation consultants focus on “the latch” as the sole aspect to breastfeeding support.  The latch IS important on a fundamental level because it allows us to see how the earliest neurological connections are working together.  Yet the latch is the symptom, not the cause of breastfeeding challenges.

Breastfeeding in itself is designed to function perfectly.  Harnessing both the parents’ body and the baby’s innate reflexes in order to nourish your little one.  A functional latch allows a baby to feed effectively and sustainably in a manner that is comfortable for both parent and baby.  


Narrowing our focus to the latch alone encourages ongoing and, subsequently, worsening compensations by both the parent and the baby which can result in reduced milk supply over time and negatively impacting the breastfeeding relationship.  When we support the body and address the functional challenges, we support the establishment and development of neurological connections resulting in an improved latch. 

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