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Follow Up Consultation

Offered only to established clients who have completed an initial breastfeeding or bottle-feeding visit.


These visits are available for those parents needing continued support with complex feeding challenges.

Photo of a BIPOC parent breastfeeding their infant

Sometimes, life throws a curve ball and your feeding journey takes the brunt of it.  Babies get older and situations change.  Sometimes you thought everything was working fine, now, it just…isn’t.  


As our babies age, compensations that may have been present and minor in the early days can show up as bigger issues down the road.  The support you need may be different now than it used to be.


Feeding problems are often indicative of overall oral function that isn’t working as well as it should or exists because a baby has discomfort in their body.  In some cases, multiple follow-up visits may be required for full resolution if the problem has been ongoing for some time.  We will work together and you may be encouraged to explore alternative therapies to find that resolution, but don't worry, I'll be here beside you.


A range of options is open to you as followup visits; from a quick check in to a longer visit to solve your breastfeeding challenges. I’ll be here with you along the way. 

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