About Bethany

Hi!  I'm Bethany Heintz, a nurse and lactation consultant who sees health and wellness in a different way than many medical professionals.

I have a passion for integrative and functional medicine and have spent 17 years diving in deep. My career path has fostered in me a sincere appreciation and respect for the importance of both the contemporary western and alternative medicines realms.

I have a particular focus in holistic medicine including nutrition, lactation, airway function, tethered oral tissues and musculoskeletal tension, as well as herbal and homeopathic medicines. 

After graduating as a nurse, I worked in hospital and long term care facilities, and soon found my career calling in primary care. Following the birth of our second child and my second time around experiencing significant breastfeeding challenges, I trained at the Newman Breastfeeding Institute in Toronto with my baby worn on my back. Before writing my IBCLC boards, I was determined to be able to truly help the families I serve by have loads of experience under my belt.  So, I spent more than 2,000 hours in direct contact with breastfeeding mothers, working closely with them and their families to achieve their personal breastfeeding objectives.

With 5 years dedicated to my colleagues, I've served on the board of the non-profit Canadian Lactation Consultant Association as Chapters Director, President and Past President.  I holds a seat on the Baby Friendly Initiative Committee at the Woolwich Community Health Centre in St. Jacobs, Ontario, proudly one of 4 community health centres to have earned their BFI credential in Ontario. 


I continue to work as a primary care Clinical Nurse and Digital Health Nurse in St. Jacobs; as an IBCLC in partnership with the Ontario Breastfeeding Network providing OHIP funded lactation consultations and as a private practice IBCLC at Nourishing Foundations in the Waterloo Region and Wellington County of Ontario.


As an avid life-long learner, I have completed countless hours in pursuit of cutting edge education.  The value given to my clients through my being up to date with the latest research is of the highest importance to me.  Because of this I have received advanced training in  Functional Nutrition, Tethered Oral Tissue (TOT's), Oral Habilitation for Breastfeeding Babies, Infant Structure and Function, Rhythmic Movement and Primitive Reflex Integration and am certified in Craniosacral Therapy.  I am currently furthering my formal education in herbal medicine for women under the tutelage of Dr. Aviva Romm.